'Bawra' is a sufi word meaning a poetic wanderer lost in a state of wonder and meditation.

Pravu Mazumdar on the value of critique (through AJF), Part I


Amina Rizwan beautifully unpacks Adeela Suleman’s Stainless Steel Helmet


Rizwan writes insightfully and eloquently about Adeela Suleman’s Stainless Steel Helmet with Kettle here

Maya Kini on archiving her grandmother’s belongings and crafting jewellery that appears to be moth eaten

Maya Kini and I got in touch a couple years ago. She sent me pictures of personal objects that had belonged to her Indian grandmother (including gold jewellery, a men’s watch and dentures among others). I loved looking at some of these pictures that felt so familiar as they reminded me of some of my own pieces that I’ve received from my mother. She also sent me a picture of rings she’s made by casting silk.

She talks at length about her process in an interview with Art Jewelry Forum.

Smriti Dixit’s fibre jewellery


Artist Smriti Dixit asks the question “Where do art, craft and design converge and where do they stand apart?” through a beautiful series of fibre jewellery. Read and see more in this article from Platform magazine here.

Image courtesy: Platform mag


Anjali Srinivasan’s glass bangle works


                                       Arm 2

                                        Arm 3

                                        Arm 4

                                        Arm 5

Anjali Srinivasan is an artist working in the medium of glass. She runs her own workshop in Dubai called ChoChoMa Studios. See more of her work here.

Painfully Beautiful by Sara Aziz


The Pouter

                         The Pouter

Sara Aziz, A Pakistani artist recently showed a series of objects called Painfully Beautiful at Gallery Rohtas II in Lahore. The objects, a set of ‘contraptions’ that, at the cost of comfort, can technically be used for the purpose of enhancing facial features, are a satirical comment on the pursuit of the artificially constructed ideal of beauty.

The Face Lifter01

                     The Face Lifter

In Aziz’s words, “The Pouter, for example could result in poutier lips after prolonged use. The Face Lifter, much like the name suggests, is a stunning golden hairband that can give its wearer a face lift – pulling up eyebrows, reducing crowsfeet and pronouncing cheekbones. The Frown Fixer, studded with pearls and stones, is designed to prop onto the nose with acrylic pads and uses a spring like system to push out frown lines.

The Neck Elongator01

               The Neck Elongator

The Neck Elongator is a neck brace, made in brass and gold plated, with hand painted ‘meenakari’- a tradition South Asian art of painting jewellery with specialized paints. It has adjustable lengths, easily adaptable for any length of initial neck. With time, the wearer can keep lengthening the height of the neck piece.”

Interview with Pallavi Gandhi on Klimt02

pic“Contemporary Indian jeweller, Pallavi Gandhi, explains the sources of inspiration for her artistic practice and hopes for contemporary art jewellery in India.” in an interview on Klimt02.

Project Bawra artists will be showcased as part of ‘Adorning’, a group show at Apparao Gallery, New Delhi

Apparao show invite

Apparao_Adorning Del Press ReleaseSham Patwardhan – Joshi, Pallavi Gandhi, Eina Ahluwalia, Purvi Sanghvi, Anvita Jain and Masooma Syed will be showing a selection of their works as part of a group show called ‘Adorning’ at Apparao Gallery@The Lodhi (formerly The Aman), New Delhi from March 24th to 31st.


‘Project Bawra: Contemporary Jewellery Developments in India’ essay on Klimt02 Forum

Klimt02 essay‘Project Bawra: Contemporary Jewellery Developments in India’, an essay by Anvita Jain has been published on the Klimt02 Forum. For those interested in the content of the New Adventures in Jewellery seminar presentation, here it is (in essay form).

Project Bawra presentation at the New Adventures in Jewellery Seminar in Gothenberg, Sweden.



Anvita Jain presented ‘Project Bawra: Contemporary Jewellery Developments in India’ as part of the New Adventures in Jewellery Seminar in Gothenberg, Sweden in September 2014.