Tanvi Kant’s contemporary textile jewellery

by projectbawra

British-born Tanvi Kant works with hand-constructed techniques in order to prolong the life of textiles.  She sources fabrics from local tailors and seamstresses as well as saris from her circle of family and friends. Tanvi also makes bespoke pieces with clients’ own fabrics. Her work is designed and made through an exploration of the inherent qualities of an extensive range of fabrics. The forms of each fabric combination in her one-off jewellery pieces reflect the distinctive colour, weave, fibre and weight of the originating fabric. She explores a raw simplicity, textural and colourful delight in her constructed organic forms resulting in sensual collections of work developed from colour stories inspired by our own seasonal moods drawn from cycles in nature. Tanvi’s parents are both Gujarati born and have lived in the UK and USA. Tanvi is now based in London and transforms influences from her Gujarati heritage into an expression closer to her own fluid sense of identity through her practice.

More about her work here.