'Bawra' is a sufi word meaning a poetic wanderer lost in a state of wonder and meditation.

Amina Rizwan beautifully unpacks Adeela Suleman’s Stainless Steel Helmet


Rizwan writes insightfully and eloquently about Adeela Suleman’s Stainless Steel Helmet with Kettle here

Maya Kini on archiving her grandmother’s belongings and crafting jewellery that appears to be moth eaten

Maya Kini and I got in touch a couple years ago. She sent me pictures of personal objects that had belonged to her Indian grandmother (including gold jewellery, a men’s watch and dentures among others). I loved looking at some of these pictures that felt so familiar as they reminded me of some of my own pieces that I’ve received from my mother. She also sent me a picture of rings she’s made by casting silk.

She talks at length about her process in an interview with Art Jewelry Forum.