'Bawra' is a sufi word meaning a poetic wanderer lost in a state of wonder and meditation.

Wedding Vows

EinaEina Ahluwalia creates jewelry that utilizes contemporary jewelry training and traditional craftsmen based in India. Her collection Wedding Vows looks at domestic violence within India and looks for solutions within cultural beliefs to stand against violence.through-my-veins

DIT in Indian Contemporary Jewelry

AJF DITThe DIT (Do It Themselves) Movement In Indian Contemporary Jewlery

Project Bawra was mentioned in an essay on Art Jewelry Forum by Project Bawra affiliate Kevin Murray.

Bombay Rubber — Delhi Thoughts

INDEX Eichenberg 150 pxIris Eichenberg spent time in India and created a series of contemporary jewelry pieces using materials found during her trip and based on her experiences there. You can see the exhibition on her website under the heading BOMBAY.Iris_Bombay

Contemporary Jewelry in India

AJF MysteryMystery of Contemporary Jewelry in India

Another essay be Kevin Murray exploring the possibilites of contemporary jewelry in India.


India-Map1Project Bawra is a collective of creatives that seeks to provide a platform for artisans, artists and designers from India and around the world to explore, experiment, expand and exhibit traditional and cutting edge creative techniques that transform material and makers. Processes explored range from that of the hand to the digital.

There is no prominent platform in India currently engaging in a dialogue on contemporary jewellery. Current art and design practices pushing the envelope of contemporary jewellery in India are minimal.

Project Bawra seeks to fill this gap and provide impetus in this direction. It aims to rethink the field and acknowledge it as a noteworthy and integral part of the fine arts. As a cross cultural exchange, it would strengthen connections between craft communities in India and other cultures.